About 1-800-DOLLARS

Did you know over 30% of Americans have what is considered bad credit?
After the Great Recession and so many jobs moving over seas it became much more difficult to move into the middle class. We want to help those who have struggled to get back on their feet.

WWW.1800DOLLARS.com is a way for people with bad credit to get loans and repair their credit. Through our website or by calling the number 1-800-DOLLARS we put people who need loans or need credit repair in touch with a network of lenders who can help them.

Many lenders are changing the way the loan money to people with bad credit.
In the past people who had bad credit and ran into a financial emergency had to go to a pawn shop with something of value to borrow money. The fees and interest to borrow that money were very high. And if you didn’t pay it back on time you could easily lose a wedding ring, nice guitar or other valuable item that was worth more than the money you borrowed. Then Cash advance and payday loans came on the seen. These were also very expensive and people would get stuck in traps of owing more an more money and their credit would get worse.

But now things are starting to get better. Even with bad credit many qualify for personal installment loans, loans for cars that aren’t just buy here pay here, and debt refinancing.

At 1800DOLLARS we work everyday to find new lenders and new opportunities to partner with companies that can help good people with bad credit.