Loan Types

Home Loans

One of, if not the most important purchase you will ever make. Purchasing a loan and getting home financing can be an overwhelming task. At 1800dollars our network of lenders can help you through this process.


Auto Loans

Both lenders and dealers can take advantage our loan services. Choose from two segments split into auto loans and bad credit auto loans. Dealers with a large foot print in their city can buy the entire area code and drive both financing and car purchases!


Personal/Payday Loans

57% of people in the United States are struggling financially*. The single payment and short-term payment credit market continues coverage with credit revenue (fees and interests) topping 60 billion in 2014. Your lending institution can become the dominant player in your service area with the 1-800-DOLLARS platform forwarding leads directly to you.

*CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study (2014)