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Even with bad credit our network of lenders can get you in the car you want! Of course with good credit you’ll probably get a better interest rate. But either way getting your financing before you shop for a new or used car is a great way not only to know what you can afford, but to have leverage when negotiating the price of your new car.

Online car loans can help you make a better deal and get a better car!

The 1-800-DOLLARS network of lenders is incentivized to help you get a loan. They not only want to work with you, they have a very strong incentive to get you financing. For those with bad credit getting a car used to be a real hassle. You either had to pay cash or go to a buy here pay here dealer to get a car. Now things are changing. With a job and just two pay stubs we may be able to help you get real lender financing for your next vehicle. So if you need a work truck, an SUV or minivan to tote the family around, or a sports car just for you we want to help.

We also offer personal loans and payday loans for people with bad credit or good credit. Let the trusted name of 1-800-DOLLARS be your first stop in buying a new car.

An important not to our friends with bad credit. Did you know that about thirty percent of the United States now has credit that is considered “bad”? That’s right three out of every ten people are in the same position that you are in. The first step to fixing that bad credit is to borrow a little less than you can actually afford. Then make sure you get the most reliable car and the car or truck that is also good on gas. That way you can start to save money the minute you get your new car.

Some with bad credit may consider a buy here pay here loan for a new car.

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